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        One of our vessels suffered a fire in the Officers' Pantry. Details of the incident are as follows:-

        1300hrs Cook completes work in the Galley.

        1425hrs Second Engineer discovers smoke coming from direction of Galley. Alarm raised and broadcast made on Public Address System.

        1427hrs Crew mustered at Stations. Power supply to Galley and Pantries isolated. Accommodation ventilation stopped.

        1430hrs Chief Officer investigated probable area of fire. Suspected Officers' Pantry in way of Dish Washing Machine or Microwave Oven.Emergency Party proceed with 2 crew in Fireman's Outfits and Portable Extinguishers. Support Party commence boundry cooling of Forward Accommodation Bulkhead in way of Officers' Pantry and Galley. Emergency Fire Pump utilised.

        1440hrs Emergency Party reports Fire Extinguished. Survey of surrounding areas underway. Fixed, natural and additional ventilation commenced to clear area of smoke.

        1510hrs Smoke clear. Investigation into cause of fire and damage assessment commenced.

        1515hrs Emergency Party stand down. Commenced restoring Fire Appliances to operational readiness. (Recharging Breathing Apparatus Bottles and Extinguishers).

        1520hrs Support Party stand down. Commence restoring Fire Appliances to operational readiness (Testing Hoses, Nozzles, Hydrants and stowage of appliances).

        Periodic checks of the Officers' Pantry and surrounding areas were continued until confirmed no other related fires started.

        The cause of the fire was identified as the a malfunction of the Dish Washing Machine Control Panel causing electrical fire. Due to Machine being of constructed with predominantly plastic materials these ignited.

        Damage Sustained

        Officers' Pantry, forward bulkhead burnt over an area of approximately 6ft x 7ft.
        Dish Washing Machine destroyed.
        Microwave Oven destroyed.
        Electrical power cables and power points damaged.
        Light fittings and adjacent plastic fittings damaged.
        Minor cosmetic smoke damage to Messrooms, Galley and adjacent areas.


        Correct procedure in raising the alarm followed. The quick and efficient response of the crew resulted in the fire being extinguished quickly with no injuries and minimal damage to the vessel and fittings.

        No defects noted to vessel's Fire Fighting and Safety Equipment during this incident.

        The Master and crew of this vessel are commended for their performance in dealing with this emergency in a professional manner.


        The importance of shipboard safety training, mustering and procedures is of the utmost importance onboard the vessel. It is essential that the vessel's Fire Fighting and Life Saving Equipment is maintained in continuous operational readiness. These points are clearly demonstrated in the efficient action of the Master and crew in this incident.

        All vessels should frequently check the installation and performance of "non-standard" fitted equipment, e.g. Dish Washing Machines, Microwave Ovens, Dryers, etc.

        From the Master's Report of this incident, he noted the importance of good communications between the various Squads. Walkie Talkies and spare batteries should be available for immediate use.

        Regular Fire Patrols around the vessel's accommodation shall be carried out on all vessels. Special attention is to be paid to public areas such as Galley, Pantries, Laundries, Messrooms etc.

        In future ship design and routine replacement of existing equipment, it should be ensured that all electrical equipment is type approved, i.e. BS or equivalent standard, and of a heavy duty type.

        In future new buildings it shall be ensured that heat and smoke detectors are fitted in public spaces to give early warning of a fire. Many fires, in their initial stages, produce a large amount of smoke but very little heat as in this incident. 

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