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DSIC Held 2021 Archival Work Meeting


DSIC held the meeting on archival work in 2021 on March 17. Zheng Wei, chief engineer and deputy general manager of DSIC, directors of all subordinate units and archives management personnel attended the meeting. Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co.(BSIC) and Shanhaiguan Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co.(SSIC) attended the meeting in video at the branch venue.

The meeting conveyed the task requirements of national archives work in 2021, publicized and implemented the key points of archives work of CSSC in 2021, comprehensively summarized and deployed the archives work of DSIC, commended the outstanding units of archives work in 2020, and exchanged the experience of archives management among the representatives of Personnel Archives office, BSIC, Outfitting Company and Steel Processing Company.

The meeting demanded as follows: first, to further improve the station position and strengthen the theoretical study of archival work; second, to work out the "14th Five-Year Plan" of archival work; third, to attach importance to the archiving of military products to ensure that all important archives should be filed; fourth, to speed up the construction of archival information to ensure that military digital archives will be implemented by the end of the year; fifth, to continuously strengthen the construction of archives management personnel team, and constantly improve the professional quality of archives personnel; the sixth is to consolidate the foundation of archival work.

The meeting stressed that 2021 is the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan. To do file work well will benefit the present and contribute to future generations. Archivists have glorious tasks and great responsibilities. We must hold high the great banner of Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, seize opportunities, forge ahead, pay close attention to the implementation, further improve the level of archival work, and make due contributions to high-quality development for DSIC.

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